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Are you worried you’re overpaying for your insurance?

Would you like to improve the quality of your coverage and service?
Are you unsure about how much coverage you need?

Finding the perfect coverage is confusing and time-consuming

Let us use our years of experience to shop the market for you and find the best policy to suit your needs.

Most insurance agents work for a single company. Their job isn’t to find you the best policy available. Their job is to sell you the best policy that their company offers.

As a result, many people end up with a bundled policy from one company that ends up covering less and costing them more.

So why are we different?

Levin Insurance is an independent insurance agency. That means instead of offering policies from only one provider, we have access to policies from over 17 different providers. This allows us to find you the policy that truly offers you the perfect balance of coverage and cost.

Types of insurance

Personal Umbrella
Individual Health

Manufactured AND Mobile Homes


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Ready to get better coverage?

Step 1

Schedule a FREE Insurance Review with one of our expert insurance agents.

Step 2

We’ll discuss your needs and the problems with your current coverage.

Step 3

We’ll search multiple providers to find you the best policy to suit your needs.

Step 4

You can rest easy knowing you’ve got proper coverage at the best rate available.


After working with us our clients have reported:

Saving money by reducing policy costs
Having broader and more comprehensive coverage
Better service when filing claims
Peace of mind knowing they have the best rates available


Let us shop the complex and confusing insurance marketplace and find the perfect policy for you.

If we can’t find you a better policy, our services are FREE.


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