It’s the age-old question, what came first, the insurance or the registration? Perhaps you’ve heard the other version, about chickens and eggs, but we’d like to address the insurance version. From time to time we are asked by customers and prospects about what they should do when moving from out of state or buying a new car: should they get their insurance first or their registration?

Citing the Michigan Secretary of State’s website1, “Owners of passenger vehicles, vans, and light trucks must purchase Michigan no-fault insurance before registering their vehicle. Out-of-state insurance policies cannot be used to meet Michigan insurance requirements for registering a vehicle.” They make the answer very clear: insurance comes first!

If you are moving to Michigan from another state, the general guideline is you have up to 30 days to establish residency in the state. Your auto insurance needs to originate from your state of residence, and if you live in Michigan, you need Michigan insurance. You also need to register your vehicle in Michigan and get Michigan plates. In order to get Michigan registration, you will need Michigan insurance.

While we could go on, this is a pretty cut and dry topic. Get your insurance, then visit the Secretary of State to register your vehicle.

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