Drivers across Michigan are starting to receive refunds from “MCCA”.  But what is this refund and how does it work?  Read on for answers to some commonly asked questions!

Q. What’s this for?
A. An analysis of the funds in the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association fund showed a surplus, so it was determined that drivers in Michigan should receive a refund to distribute the overage.

Q. When did this start?
A. As of March 9th, carriers started receiving funds from MCCA to start distributing refunds to customers.  Carriers have 60 days to distribute the money.

Q. How much is it?
A. It’s $400 per vehicle that was insured with liability coverage as of 11:59pm on 10/31/21.

Q. How will I get my refund?
A. Refunds will be sent by check or by direct deposit, depending on whether you have an active policy or not, and depending on how your current payments are set up if you have an active policy.

Q. Can my refund just be applied to my next payment?
A. Unfortunately no, refunds must be sent separately.

Q. What if I changed insurance carriers?
A. That’s ok! The refund will come from whatever carrier you were insured with as of 11:59pm on 10/31/21.

Q. Is this just a one-time thing?
A. Yes.

Q. What if I still have questions?
A. Send us a message here, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (248) 531-8300. We’re happy to help!

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