This is the weekend many of us have been waiting for, the unofficial start to summer! Memorial Day weekend marks the first long weekend after a long winter and many people are making plans to be outside and be with friends and family as we celebrate the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers. Here are some insurance tips to keep in mind this holiday weekend:

1. Make sure to keep grills away from the side of your home. Heat from a grill can melt vinyl siding and that’s not a claim you want to file on your insurance.

2. Keep an eye on kids around pools and lakes. For many kids, this is their first time swimming since last summer. Sometimes they are a little rusty and it takes a bit to get comfortable again in the water. And, although the weather might be warm, most lakes are still very cold. Jumping into a cold lake or pool can take your breath away and make you or a child panic. Always keep an eye on kids while they are swimming, but keep an extra eye on them during their first swim of the year.

3. Practice safety with fireworks and sparklers. Always use good judgment when it comes to letting kids handle sparklers. And, now that bigger fireworks are legal in Michigan, always make sure to use caution when setting off backyard fire displays. Never place your face over an unexploded firework. Keep water and fire extinguishers close by. If you can, try to leave fireworks to the professionals.

4. Enjoy your backyard barbecues and picnics safely. Keep creamy salads like potato salad and cole slaw cold. If they have been left out in the heat, throw them away. Food tents are a great way to keep bugs and other pests off of your other foods.

We hope you have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend with your friends and family!

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