If your mom is anything like ours, she always told you to “Tell the Truth” and “You’ll get in a lot less trouble by telling me the truth now, than if I find out the truth later.”

Turns out, Mom was right.

If you have a good insurance agent, they have spent time asking you all sorts of questions about your home and your autos. They ask you things like who lives in the house, do you have a pool or trampoline, what kind of dog do you have, do you drive for Uber or use your car for delivery. These questions aren’t just for fun, and it’s more important than you realize to give truthful answers.

Here’s an example: your insurance agent asks if you have a trampoline. You say no, you don’t have a trampoline. Fast forward six months and a claim is filed against your home insurance because someone hurt themselves at your property. How did they hurt themselves? By jumping on your trampoline. Your claim is denied and now you are being sued by 1-800-SUE-YOU because your insurance wouldn’t pay. Ouch!

Your claim was rightfully denied if your agent asked you a question and you didn’t tell the truth. That’s why it’s so important that agents ask the right questions, and customers give honest answers. There’s no point in having insurance if it doesn’t cover your risks properly! While it might cost a little more to be properly insured, it will be priceless to have the proper protection when something bad happens.

Here’s another example: your insurance agent asks if you use your car for any sort of delivery service or Uber or Lyft. You tell them no. Then you crash your car and a claim is filed and it turns out you had a passenger in your car. Not just any passenger, but a paying customer, because you are driving for Uber. Now your claim might be denied and you might lose your job with Uber. That’s a double whammy and completely avoidable! Yes, it might cost a few dollars more to have a rideshare endorsement added to your auto policy, but it costs a whole lot more to pay out of pocket to fix your car and lose your job!

Like Mom said, you’ll get in a lot less trouble (and spend a lot less money) by telling the truth (and paying the correct price) now, rather than finding this out the hard (and expensive) way later.

If you’re looking for a responsible agent who asks the right questions and always does the right thing, call Levin Insurance Agency at (248) 531-8300. You’ll be glad you did, and your mom will be happy, too!

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P.S. Here’s a free tip: don’t tell your insurance agent that you’re going to lie. A responsible agent won’t ignore information that they are told and they won’t be able to complete your application or help you at all. Like Mom said, it’s always better to tell the truth!

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