We’ve talked about Winter Driving Tips, now it’s time to talk about some winter tips for your house. It’s been a very snowy winter but it looks like we might finally be turning a corner toward spring! Here are some tips to help you – and your house – as we make this seasonal transition:

1. All of the snow needs to go somewhere. Add a few rainy days to this snow and we’ll be talking about a lot of water needing some place to drain. With the ground being frozen, that water is either going to go into drains in the street or, hopefully not, into your basement. Now is a great time to check your sump pump and make sure it’s working. It’s also a smart idea to head to your street curb and try to shovel out some space around storm drains (if you can find them!).

2. Try to break away heavy icicles. We don’t recommend going up on your roof to remove snow and ice, but those things are heavy and the edge of your roof needs some relief. Instead of climbing up top, try to take a broom handle and break away at some of the heavier icicles. The less weight you have hanging down, the less your chances are of damaging your gutters or the eaves and lower-hanging edges of your roof.

3. Make sure fire hydrants and mailboxes are shoveled out. If there is a fire, the fire department may need to access fire hydrants near your home. Try to locate these and shovel them out so emergency workers can access them. And make sure you shovel space in front of and around your mailbox so your mail person can deliver your mail. If they can’t get through, you won’t get your mail.

4. Be a good neighbor. Check on elderly neighbors and make sure they can get out and have their medicine and food. Shovel your potion of the sidewalk, and maybe your neighbor’s too. Don’t throw your snow into your neighbor’s yard. If everyone does their part, you’ll have a safe and friendly neighborhood!

5. Continue to drive safe. Yes, these are house tips, but we’ve seen an increase in auto claims and we want to continue to make sure you are being safe and smart on the roads! Warmer temperatures will mean melting snow. Melting snow will mean wetter roads. Wetter roads that freeze again at night will mean ice. Be especially mindfull in the nighttime and early morning hours. Sun in the sky makes salt on the roads work much better. No sun could mean more ice.

Have questions about any of these tips or anything else this winter? Call our office at (248) 531-8300 and we’ll be happy to talk to you!

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